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Health Guarantee

Certificate of Health and Limited Health Guarantee

From:    Beagles West
Diamond D Kennels
45 Taft Rd
Great Falls, MT  59404

To:          Buyer of a Diamond D Kennel's Beagle Puppy ______________________________

Diamond D Kennels aims for excellence in the selection, breeding and care of all our dogs. We guarantee that every puppy is healthy when it leaves hereWe have observed that your puppy is in excellent health and free from genetic defects. We have also observed that the parents of your puppy are in excellent health and free from known genetic defects. We have given your puppy several thorough physical examinations prior to this sale. We recommend that you have your pup re-examined by your veterinarian within 2-4 weeks. Please bring the provided health record and a fresh stool sample with you when you go. Should your puppy fail your veterinarianís exam, you must contact Diamond D Kennels immediately to arrange for a replacement or a refund of the purchase price ONLY of your puppy.

Diamond D Kennels will not refund more than the total purchase price of any puppy.

Under this LIMITED HEALTH GUARANTEE, your puppy is guaranteed against congenital or hereditary defects for a period of one year from the puppy's date of birth. In order to arrange a replacement, or receive a refund of the purchase price of your puppy, you must obtain a written diagnosis of a non-curable congenital problem from a licensed veterinarian along with the supporting diagnostic tests, procedures, x-rays, etc.  If your puppy has a curable congenital defect, you will be directed to take the puppy to an agreed upon veterinary clinic for treatment. Diamond D Kennels will pay up to the purchase price of the puppy for the treatment(s). DIAMOND D KENNELS CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF BILLS IN EXCESS OF THE FULL PURCHASE PRICE OF THE PUPPY.

Our puppies & dogs have not been exposed to infectious diseases here. If your puppy is exposed to an infectious disease after it leaves here, this is not covered under this LIMITED HEALTH GUARANTEE. That is, infectious diseases are not covered by our health guarantee, as we have no control over what the puppy is exposed to after it leaves our kennel. We also cannot guarantee that your puppy will never develop any health problems, just like a pediatrician cannot guarantee that a child will never develop any health problems in the future. Our sires and dams are free of diseases, disorders, and problems, or we would not breed them. That means the puppies are less likely to develop problems. However, we can't guarantee that puppies will never develop a problem.

Also, stress induced illnesses, which may occur during or soon after shipping, such as hypoglycemia, kennel cough, or clinical manifestations of intestinal parasites (e.g. coccidia, roundworms, hookworms, giardia, etc.) are not covered by this LIMITED HEALTH GUARANTEE. Taking a puppy away from its littermates and/or environment is very stressful and can induce these illnesses. They should be treated early and will not affect the puppy's life, if taken care of promptly by your veterinarian.

Your puppy has received its first vaccination (i.e. DA2P-Parvo/5-way puppy shot) and at least two dewormings (i.e. fenbendazole). Further vaccinations (e.g. DA2LP-Parvo/9-way adult shot w/ Lepto) are recommended to be given, by your veterinarian, at 4-week intervals until the puppy is 14-16 weeks old, and then yearly after that. Deworming should be repeated, by your veterinarian, as indicated by serial stool sample analysis, or if worms or tapeworm segments are observed in the stool. A rabies vaccination should be given according to your veterinarianís recommended vaccination schedule.

Please, be aware that vaccinations sometimes fail for various reasons, and a dog may not develop full immunity to some diseases until they are a full year old and have had all of their puppy shots, including a booster at 1 year of age.   If you are not willing or able to make sure that your puppy gets ALL of its scheduled vaccine boosters, please do not purchase a puppy.  That is, a strict adherence to all vaccination schedules and a veterinary program is a must!

Your puppies rear dewclaws (i.e. if they were present) have been removed, and its nails have been trimmed. Front dewclaws have not been removed because the Beagle breed uses its front dewclaws to grab and hold onto things. The puppy has also been inspected for any external parasites and given a bath.

If your puppy is a male, it has been checked to make certain that both of its testicles have dropped down into the scrotum. If the testicles have not dropped by the time the pup is ready to go home, the pup will be discounted, its registration restricted, and the recommendation is that you not use this male for breeding.

Your puppy has been weaned while being fed a gruel of powdered canine milk replacer and dry dog food.  However,  it is now eating only dry dog food (i.e. Black Gold -- Premium Professional Dog Food, which is 26% protein and 18% fat).  Normal feeding schedules should be 3 times per day; that is, lay down a bowl full of dry puppy food three times a day and let the pup eat all it wants and then take the food away.  Also, make certain that water is available at all times. You will be given a 7-10 day supply of our dog food to be used to gradually mix in with your puppy food at a rate of 10-15% more each day, until you are feeding 100% of your own food.


Diamond D Kennels has carefully selected our dams and sires specifically for their tractability (i.e. ease of training) and non-aggressive personalities. We also continually monitor how our pups turn out through contact with our customers to assure that these traits are being passed on to them. However, although we start your puppy's socialization and training process, as well as offer advice on how to train your puppy after you take it home, we cannot ultimately control the actual training of your pup. That is, the training of your puppy is entirely your responsibility and we here at Diamond D Kennels cannot be held responsible in any way for undesirable training, or non-training, outcomes that occur after they leave our facility. Thus, Diamond D Kennels will in no way refund any money nor take back any puppy that has been deemed by the owner, or anyone else, to have behavioral problems.

This LIMITED HEALTH GUARANTEE applies only to the original purchaser of this puppy.

My signature below certifies that I have received, read, and understand Diamond D Kennelsí Certificate of Health and Limited Health Guarantee, as well as, the included puppy care instructions. I agree to follow recommended veterinary care and vaccination schedules.

Date:  _________________

Printed Name:  __________________________________

Signature:  _______________________________________________  



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