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Daisy Mae whelped out 6 beautiful puppies on Sunday, June 4th

6 Gorgeous Puppies: 3 Males & 3 Females

Click below to see puppy pics of:
Daisy Mae's Spring 2017 Puppies

Sire: Thunder Mtn. Brownie
(AKA Buddy)

Buddy in his Snoopy position awaiting a treat


Queenie will be bred in July

Click below to see puppy pics of:
Queenie's Summer 2016 Puppies

8 Beautiful Puppies: 6 Females & 2 Males

Sire: Diamond D's Duelin' Duke


Lacy will be bred in July

Click below to see puppy pics of:
Lacy's Summer 2016 Puppies

8 Gorgeous Puppies: 4 Males & 4 Females

Sire: Diamond D's Traveling Man
(AKA Traveler)


Tally will be bred in July

Click below to see puppy pics of:
Tally's Summer 2016 Puppies

9 Gorgeous Puppies:  6 Males & 3 Females

Sire: Thunder Mtn. Brownie
(AKA Buddy)

Hey Snoopy? How 'bout a treat?


Sassy whelped on Saturday, February 18th

4 Very Nice Puppies: 1 Male & 3 Females

Click below to see puppy pics of:
Sassy Sue's Winter 2017 Puppies

Sire: Diamond D's Traveling Man
(AKA Traveler)

Summer 2016


All Pups Come With Our Great
Health Guarantee & Free Puppy Starter Kit

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Beagles West
Diamond D Kennels

Top Quality
AKC/UKC Dual-Registered Beagles


Diamond D Kennels is a small, dog breeding kennel in Great Falls, Montana, dedicated exclusively to the Beagle breed. Our philosophy is to provide top quality, AKC/UKC registered, 13 inch Beagle hound puppies for family, field, or show.

Sadie's Pups -- Spring 2007

This is Diamond D Kennel's home on the Internet. So, we invite you to step in and have a look around. Whether you're trying to find a Beagle puppy, searching for dog-training tips, or just have a veterinary question, you can find it here.

Welcome to Diamond D Kennels.

Douglas C. Dierking, B.A., D.V.M.

Bluooo's Pup --  Jessie (4 Months Old) --  Spring 2006


Dotty's Pup -- Scout -- Spring 2007


Kennel Profile

Diamond D Kennels is privately owned and operated by veterinarian Douglas C. Dierking, who has over 40 years of experience raising and training quality hunting dogs, including both Labrador Retriever bird dogs and Beagle rabbit hounds. Dr. Doug uses his extensive education and experience to provide select, high quality, well bred, and healthy Beagle hounds, having sound conformation and good looks, as well as, excellent personalities, which can be used for either show or field, or as just simply family dogs.

All Diamond D Kennel breeding sires (i.e. stud dogs) and dams (i.e. bitches) are dual-registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and United Kennel Club (UKC). All Beagle puppies, from these sires and dams, come with a copy of the Official AKC Litter Certificate, displaying a three-generation AKC-Certified Pedigree, as well as, both UKC and AKC Dog Registration Applications, and a Complimentary 60-day Trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. Additionally, each pup comes with its first puppy shots (i.e. DA2P-Parvo) and deworming (i.e. pyrantel pamoate) completed, a Certificate of Health/Health Guarantee, and a Puppy Starter Kit, which includes a collar, leash, one-week supply of puppy food, healthy treats, rope bone, squeaky chew toy, ball, and AKC puppy information folder.

Listen to what some of Diamond D Kennel's satisfied customers have to say --

Hi Doug!

We just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful puppy! My son is a huge Gonzaga fan, so we decided to name her "Zag". . . . Thank you again for bringing her to Helena for us.  We really do appreciate your time!  

Shawn, Karla, Bryson, Brittany and (of course) Zag


Hi Doug,

Thanks very much . . . The new beagle is called Riley now - sort of fit his peppy attitude I guess. He's very enthusiastic and we're all enjoying him. 



Dear Dr. Doug and Doreen,

Hickory and Chestnut are doing wonderful ! Still trying to show one another who's the boss! Our two new boys are loving their new home in Ramsay! They have made our family complete. Thank You both for all you've done to help make this possible. We will surely recommend your kennel if anyone is interested in a Beagle Puppy.

Thanks Again!
Michael & Theresa and Family

PS: we will send more pictures as they grow.

Dotty's Pups -- Hickory and Chestnut  -- Spring 2006


Dear Dr. Doug & Doreen,

Tom got me the best Anniversary gift!  We named him Sparky.  He is very sweet!  We will send more pictures as he grows older.  You have the best beagles in the area.

Thank you again,
Tom & Ardean

Bluooo's Pup -- Sparky -- Spring 2006


hi Doug it's Dan . . . i Bought a beagle from you last June i believe.  He is doing great, we have taken him hunting a few times but have'nt found any rabbits yet, although he does enjoy "treeing"(scaring the cat up on to the couch) our cat.  Here are a few pictures of him . . . He is ticked and some spots came out on his front legs, thanks again for the great dog. 


Sadie's Pup -- Spring 2006 -- Charlie

Hey Dan! That ain't no rabbit!


Hi Dierkings,

Today is Abby's one year birthday and just wanted you to know that she is doing so good.  She has turned out to be such a great dog and is loved by everyone.  She is such a mellow beagle and smart as a whip!  She is very funny and she gives us great enjoyment.  She is Riley's buddy.  Glad we got her for his 13th Birthday. 

We've taken her hunting with our other dog Bleu and she has done so well.  They are a great duo. I get on your website to see the new pups.

Can't wait to see the spring pups. Good luck with your new place in Great Falls and whenever your in Spokane, let us know.

Sincerely,    Kelly, Mary and Riley

Nice shootin' guys! You're helpin' us prove that 
our dogs have been bred to hunt fur and feathers!


Dear Doreen and Doug,
we want to thank you again for everything. We are very happy with Brandy and Chunky. They are so cute and so funny.
Also we want to send you some pictures from the puppys, so you can see how the look like now.
Rodaba, Shane and Bijan

Brandy & Chunky -- Annie's Pups -- Fall 2007


A recent visitor -- Annie's 2-yr-old pup -- owned by Tom & Pat Kron


I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to get better acquainted with this wonderful breed of dog, whether you are unfamiliar with Beagles, or just want to expand your current knowledge through what we have to offer on this Website.

Dr. Doug Dierking, B.A., D.V.M.


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      Beagles West
     Diamond D Kennels
     Douglas C. Dierking, B.A., D.V.M.
     45 Taft Road
     Great Falls, MT  59404

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